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Where is Adachi Museum?


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Japanese folk craft shop in Miyajima

Enjoy the hot spring and Adachi Museum of Art.

Adachi Museum of Art is located one minute walk from Saginoyu-onsen. It has earned a reputation as the best garden in Japan from an American journal of Japanese gardens for over ten years and also received the highest rating in the Michelin Guide. So it has come under the global spotlight. It has a large collection such as the works of masters of traditional Japanese painting including Yokoyama Taikan, ceramic works of Rosanjin and Kawai Kanjiro, so you can enjoy both appreciating art works and the garden.
This Saginoyu-onsen in Yasugi-city, Shimane Pref. is located between Matsue-city and Yonago-city. This is a famous spa in Sanin region and has a long history. Once it was washed away by a flood, but it was regenerated 100 years ago. This is flee-flow spa which springs 400 liters every minute. It is well-known for its skin beautifying effect.
A complex that includes a museum of art and hot-spring area is rare in western Japan. It would be one of your choice as an accommodation in Izumo because there are many sightseeing spots such as Matsue, Mt. Daisen and Izumo Taisha around there.


Rates include 1 night's stay plus dinner and breakfast.

Adachi Museum Yado (Hotels)



Accommodation for 100 guests
Japanese style Inn
12,000 yen -