Villa Hamorebi

Rental High-class Villa in Miyajima, Japan



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Japanese folk craft shop in Miyajima

Villa Hamorebi

Spend quiet time in a modern space with soft light.

"Villa Hamorebi" opened on May 20, 2019. The building of this inn is a renovated house which was built more than 80 years ago. The concept is catering only one party a night and providing a cozy space where you can enjoy the slow-moving time.

"Hamorebi" means the sunlight leaking through between the leaves of trees. This inn is surrounded by trees such as cherry blossoms and maples, so this word is used as the name of it. Taking advantage of this feature, wide windows and a wooden deck are set up so that the guests can enjoy the scenery, such as cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green from early summer, and beautiful colored leaves in autumn from the inn.

One of the attractions of this inn is the first open-air bath in Miyajima which is covered by the leaves of trees. You can have a nice long bath there. Dinner is served at the sister inn "Mizuha-so", and breakfast is basically served at the terrace. Please enjoy breakfast while listening to the chirping of birds.

The building of this inn is an annex and there are not resident staffs, so perfect and luxurious service may not be offered. So, it is suitable for people who can enjoy the space and their time by themselves.

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Open-air bath | Villa Hamorebi

View form the window

Room | Villa Hamorebi
This inn is a renovated typical house in Miyajima, but the original beams and columns which are incorporated into the design and the wooden floor make it a modern and semi-western space. It has a large window frame and relaxed atmosphere surrounded by green. Japanese essence is incorporates into the guest room by an uneven Japanese-style room of 3 tatami-mats which is built next to the twin beds.
Festive and elegant kaiseki meals are handcrafted Setouchi dishes that the chef carefully designed from the appetizers. We cherish the sense of seasons and local production for local consumption, and carefully select the delicious things in Miyajima from the ingredients. Dinner is served at the sister inn "Mizuha-so", and you can enjoy breakfast while listening to the chirping of birds.
Dinner | Villa Hamorebi


Villa Hamorebi
The street from the exit of Itsukushima Shrine to the Historical Folklore Museum used to be the gateway to Miyajima, and old houses remain along the street. Our inn is located in a quiet forest just beyond the mountain pass toward the aquarium.


Rate (per person) 2 pers. / a room
Villa rental rate with breakfast and dinner included 45,000 yen
Villa rental rate with breakfast included 38,000 yen
Stay only 35,000 yen


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Information    Villa Hamorebi

[Accommodation] for 2 guests
[Number of rooms] 2
[Villa Rental Rate(with breakfast and dinner)] 45,000 yen -
[Location] From the ferry terminal, 20 min. walk
Check in 3:00 p.m. Check out 11:00 a.m.

Villa Hamorebi
- Villa Hamorebi -

49 Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima, Japan
TEL 0829-30-7750

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