Japanese-style High-class Hotel (Onsen Ryokan) near Miyajima, Japan



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Japanese folk craft shop in Miyajima


faced Miyajima Island with Spa and Japanese Garden

Sekitei is a famous Japanese-style hotel because of beautiful Japanese garden. Our hotel is located on slope of hill Miyahama Onsen (Spa), and you can see the Miyajima from the hotel. All the rooms are detached building, and Japanese-style room, the view from the room is like Japanese picture! Inside the hotel, there are many warm lights like candle and camp, so atmosphere is quiet. About meal, we use fresh vegetable, fishes and shells. Japanese cuisine is delicious and beautiful with vessel. We hope you enjoy meals with Japanese Sake. At evening, it becomes dark and it’s good time for walking on the garden. In our hotel, you can enjoy staying.

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Room | Sekitei
All the guest rooms differ in a design and room arrangement. Since a guest room has a different charm, respectively, please choose as you like. The sense of decoration of each room and a combination of furniture is also good, and warm consideration can see them everywhere, and they offer relaxation of private feeling.
We cook Japanese dishes using fresh vegetable and fishes and shells in season. Each dish is exquisite cooking and taste. Vessel like pottery, Japanese ware, and decollations will satisfy you.
Dinner | Sekitei
Public Bath | Sekitei
Public bath has indoor one and open-air one. Indoor bath is made by Japanese cypress, and it is traditional. At open-air bath, you can see greens and sky.


Name of Room
(with breakfast and dinner / per person)
2 pers. / a room 3 pers. / a room 4 pers. / a room 5 pers. / a room
Tsuremai (accommodation for 2 guests) 45,000 yen - - -
Koseki (accommodation for 3 guests) 45,000 yen 41,000 yen - -
(accommodation for 2 guests)
49,000 yen - - -
(accommodation for 2 guests)
55,000 yen - - -
Basyo / Kouzan
(accommodation for 2 - 4 guests)
53,000 yen 52,000 yen 51,000 yen -
Oimatsu / Yuunagi
(accommodation for
2 - 4 guests)
55,000 yen 54,000 yen 53,000 yen -
Yuusen / Hougetsu
(accommodation for
2 - 4 guests)
57,000 yen 56,000 yen 55,000 yen -
(accommodation for 2 - 6 guests)
57,000 yen 56,000 yen 55,000 yen 54,000 yen
(accommodation for
2 - 8 guests)
60,000 yen 59,000 yen 58,000 yen 57,000 yen
The rate for children 70% of the above rate
[In the case of children's dinner : 19,500 yen or 17,000 yen]


check Credit Card JCB, VISA, MASTER, DC, UC, AMEX, NICOS
check Welcome and Send off Please let us know as soon as you arrive at the JR Oonoura station and Miyajimaguchi Pier.TEL 0829-55-0601
check English  
check Group Tour for 50 guests
check Parking for 20 cars
check Handicapped Person Please let us know your intention beforehand.
check Laundry  

Information    Sekitei

[Accommodation] for 40 guests
[Number of rooms] 12
[Hotel Rate(with breakfast and dinner)] 42,000 yen -
[Location] From the ferry terminal of Miyajima-guchi, 15 min. by car
Check in 3:20 p.m. Check out 10:20 a.m.

- Sekitei -

3-5-27 Miyahama-onsen, Oono-cho, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima, Japan
TEL 0829-55-0601

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