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Guest House Kokoro

Peaceful stay with natural service and relaxed atmosphere.

"Guest House Kokoro" is located at the back street of Machiya street, Miyajima. It is the inn which is rented for out of only one group at a day. The master of this inn originally renovated his own house in order for the stay of his relatives. After that he opened this inn in the summer of 2016 as he likes to entertain his guests.

Entering at the front door, there are bamboo walls like those of a fancy Japanese-style restaurant in Kyoto and stone steps which leads you to the courtyard. The courtyard is balanced beautifully by white cobblestones and mosses which help to provide settled atmosphere. There is a glass door in the living room, so you can also see the courtyard from there.

There is a building for lodgers across the garden. It is absolutely private, so you can enjoy your stay without having worry about anyone else. Seen from outside, it's like a normal house, but there is a different atmosphere inside the building which leads to the attraction of this inn. According to the master, he has liked gardening for a long time. He also has a wide-ranged hobbies. This inn is not provided with a bathroom because it was not originally designed for an inn as it mentioned above. However, the guests can use the big bath of the hotel within 3-minute walk of this inn. There is a living room on the first floor, and a connecting Japanese-style room used as a bed room on the second floor. This bed room can accommodate up to six people.

There is a Chinese character which says "kokoro" (means "heart") lined with white stones in the mosses of the courtyard. This was made by a sense of fun of a gardener in other times and became the origin of the name of this inn. The master always tries to give hospitality to the guests with all his heart and hopes them to feel calm. The natural and pleasing air of the peaceful master and the cheerful female manager will color your stay.

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Guest House Kokoro

Entrance | Guest House Kokoro

Room | Guest House Kokoro
The main room is a connecting Japanese-style room (6 mats and 5 mats rooms). There is also an anteroom. This room can accommodate up to six people. It is quiet at night though it is located in the downtown of Miyajima, so you can have a relaxing time.
Thick toast, egg dish, salad, fruits (or yogurt) and coffee are served as breakfast. The master used to work at a hotel, so he is good at making a thick toast. It's our pleasure if you are satisfied with this breakfast when you start your day.
Breakfast | Guest House Kokoro


Garden | Guest House Kokoro
We hope that the courtyard which the master has been gardening for a long time will be a relaxing or healing space for our guests.

There is a toilet facilities in our inn.
*Our inn is not provided with a bath but we can introduce the nearby hotel to you.(charge:1,080 yen per person) Please use the big bath there.


Rate 2 pers. / a room 3 pers. / a room 4 pers. / a room 5 pers. / a room
Room Rate
(with breakfast)
14,000 yen 21,000 yen 28,000 yen 35,000 yen


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  Handicapped Person Please let us know your intention beforehand.

Information    Guest House Kokoro

[Accommodation] for 6 guests
[Number of rooms] 1 room (Main room + Living room)
[Hotel Rate(room charge)] 7,000 yen -
[Location] From the ferry terminal, 6 min. walk
Check in 3:00 p.m. Check out 10:00 a.m.

Guest House Kokoro
- Guest House Kokoro -

665-2 Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima, Japan
TEL 0829-44-2080

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