Minsyuku Karibu

Japanese-style Inn in Omishima, Shimanami-kaido, Japan



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Minsyuku Karibu

The very best hospitality that we can offer at Shimanami.

Minshuku Karibu is located about midway between Onomichi and Imabari. If you step outside, you can see the cable-stayed bridge named Tatara-Ohashi Bridge, which is one of the most beautiful bridges in Shimanami-kaido.

Tatara-Ohashi Bridge is one of the origins of this guest house. The reason is as follows; It was originally a restaurant (still operating now), and the guest house was made for construction crew when the construction of this Tatara-Ohashi Bridge, which forms part of Shimanami-kaido and connects Ikuchijima and Omishima, was decided.

For this reason, the guest rooms are not so large and simple and they have no bath and toilet. But when tourists come to visit here after the bridge was built, we thought what we should do to offer the best hospitality for the guests. Our answer for this was only offering the good meal.

There are a lot of inns which feature meals thanks to blessed environment and resource of Shimanami-kaido. We purchase seafood directly from fishermen and keep them alive in a fish tank, so we can offer fresh fish at reasonable price. We believe that offering high-quality fish of Setouchi and spiny lobster at a low price can more than compensate for ill-equipped facilities.

The bath is small, so we will give a ticket for the nearby hot spring facility, Tatara Shimanami Dome/Mishima no Yu to the guest staying with more than standard meal plan (with 2 meals per night).

It is not recommended for those who require facilities of better quality, but it is a perfect inn for those who emphasize the meal rather than facilities. The landlord and landlady are very calm as Seto Inland Sea, so you will be healed.

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Owner | Minsyuku Karibu

Dish | Minsyuku Karibu

Room | Minsyuku Karibu
All rooms are Japanese-style. Although it is a little narrower than the current standards and has no bath and toilet, we are trying to do enough cleaning so that you can have a comfortable stay.
Depending on the price, we are cooking with the concept of making the guests full. We purchase seafood directly from fishermen and keep them alive in a fish tank, so we can offer fresh fish of Setouchi at reasonable price. Especially for plans of 9,000 yen or more, you can enjoy Okoze, which is a high-class fish of Setouchi, with sliced or fried. Please enjoy it.

*Sea bream, lobster and Akou, high-class fish of Setouchi will be served as sashimi of deluxe meal. The contents of sashimi vary depending on the number of people and the catch of fish of the day.
Dinner | Minsyuku Karibu


Restaurant | Minsyuku Karibu
This guest house was originally a restaurant. Even now, we offer mainly light meals (daily set menu for lunch) only at lunch time. That's why we are the most confident of our meal service for overnight guests.


Services (per person) Rate
(Hotel rate with breakfast and dinner included)
8,000 yen
(Hotel rate with breakfast and dinner included)
10,000 yen
(Hotel rate with breakfast and dinner included)
13,637 yen
Hotel rate with breakfast included 6,000 yen
Stay only 5,500 yen


  Credit Card  
check Welcome and Send off Please let us know your intention beforehand.
(Omishima Bus Stop)
check English  
check Group Tour for 20 guests
check Parking for 20 car
  Handicapped Person Please let us know your intention beforehand.
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Information    Minsyuku Karibu

[Accommodation] for 20 guests
[Number of Rooms] 8
[Hotel Rate(with breakfast and dinner)] 8,000 yen -
[Location] From the JR Onomichi Sta., 40 min. by car
Check in 16:00 p.m. Check out 10:00 a.m.

Minsyuku Karibu
- Minsyuku Karibu -

5732 Inokuchi, Kamiura-cho, Imabari-shi, Ehime, Japan
TEL 0897-87-2874

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