Rental villa in Onomichi, Shimanami-kaido, Japan



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Rental villa with the view of Onomichi.

A rental villa, Sakanokaze ("winds of slopes" in Japanese) is at the head of the slope, where a nice view of Onomichi Channel and the islands of Shimanani Kaido can be seen.
The owner of the villa wanted to build a second house with friends and started to remodel the vacant house. It took them 2 years to create the place they liked. And they wanted to share this wonderful villa with others that is why they started to rent out this villa.
This is a villa for rent, the guests can use in the way they like. There are a lot of ways to enjoy staying; cook in the kitchen with a breakfast counter, or enjoy drinks out on the terrace and so on.
"There is no major tourist site in Onomichi. So just like to find what you like at the flea market, I would like tourist to find the place you like in Onomichi. And I would like to help them to do so." says the host. He is right. There are a lot of nice nostalgic houses and unique shops in the small ally and along slopes. The idea amused me. I would enjoy making my own Onomichi map with my favorites. It is nice to know that the longer you stay, the larger the discount you get.
The owner gave non-tangible name "Sakanokaze" to his villa ("winds of slopes") and his favorite place is right here and he likes the view from the villa most.

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Room | Sakanokaze
Living room with large window with the view, the kitchen with the breakfast counter, and Japanese room are in the villa.
It is simply designed with least necessities but the interior is in good taste to comfortable for the guests. The guests can enjoy their stay just as if they were staying at their own villa.
No meals available because it is a rental villa. The kitchen with breakfast counter with nice view is available for preparation of the meals. It is equipped with cooking tools, plates and coffee maker but the guests have to prepare the food and seasonings to cook with.
It would be nice to get delicious takeouts from the downtown Onomichi or get food from supermarket and cook with friends or family together. Or the guests can just eat out at restaurants in town. One other recommendation is to eat outside on the terrace. Any way you like it.


One attractive point is the quiet outside terrace with a great view. When it is a fine day, the guests can have meals, coffee and drinks out here. The guests enjoy themselves while looking at the changing seasons and feeling the flow of time.


Villa Rental Rate Weekday Before Holiday
1 - 2 pers. 23,000 yen 26,000 yen
3 pers. 25,000 yen 28,000 yen
4 pers. 27,000 yen 30,000 yen
5 pers. 29,000 yen 32,000 yen


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check Parking 1 car
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Information    Sakanokaze

[Accommodation] for 5 guests
[Number of Rooms] 3
[Villa Rental Rate] 23,000 yen -
[Location] From the JR Onomichi Sta., 10 min. by car
Check in 15:00 p.m. Check out 10:00 a.m.

- Sakanokaze -

16-9 Nishitsuchido-cho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima, Japan
TEL 090-4890-8468 (cell phone)

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