Minsyuku Uzushio

Japanese-style Inn in Hakatajima, Shimanami-kaido, Japan



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Minsyuku Uzushio

Experience delicious food and the bright lights of the island.

On Hakatajima, there are many seamen even now, and shipping and sea building are the main business. The host of Minshuku Uzushio used to be a seaman. And every time his ship passed by Atami (famous place for hot spring near Tokyo) and watched lights of ryokyans, he dreamed of having his own inn. Then he started this minshuku 30 years ago.
At that time, Okami, wife of the host and inn manager, didn't know how to run a inn but she says she did the best she could. All her efforts led to today's Uzushio and the guests can see her confidence and pride in it. Okami cooks together with junior Okami, and laugh together with guests. Her cheerful and casual approach to guests unwinds the minds of the guests.
The most attractive feature is the meals. Uzushio has preserve tank to provide fresh fish for the variety dishes; sashimi, cooked with sauce, fries, one-pot dish, grilled etc.
Deluxe course with 2 persons or more (one night with 2 meals/ 11,000 yen) and above course will have sashimi that decorated as a fish and it looks gorgeous. Some of food like miso, pickles and some vegetable are home made. The guests would know how Okami takes good care of not only fish but also other food. Even though the quality and quantity of the food are high, the prices are set low. The guests can fully enjoy fish form the Seto Inland Sea with reasonable price. 
After one night stay, the word Okami said, "Sea is delicious!", made sense to me. And I felt some kind of connection with people on the island and felt like it was coming home.

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Owner | Minsyuku Uzushio

View from the inn | Minsyuku Uzushio

Room | Minsyuku Uzushio
Basic Japanese room has 6 tatami mats. From Japanese rooms facing south (4 rooms), you can see the highest mountain in Shikoku, Mt. Ishizuchi.

*Please lay out futon by yourselves.
"We have a preserve tank to provide fresh fish and we are proud of it. You can order any optional dish like fried flat fish or stingfish etc, by choosing fish in the tank." Miso and pickles are home-made and some of vegetable are home-grown. The host is confident that the dishes can satisfy the guests who know about fish well.
Dinner | Minsyuku Uzushio


Dining Room | Minsyuku Uzushio
The lively impression of interior and preserve tank gives you expectation for good meals with preserve tan.


Services (per person) Satandard Rate
Peak Season
(28 April - 5 May, 13 -16 August)
(Hotel rate with breakfast and dinner included)
10,000 yen 10,000 yen
(Hotel rate with breakfast and dinner included)
12,000 yen 12,000 yen
(Hotel rate with breakfast and dinner included)
14,000 yen 14,000 yen
Hotel rate with breakfast included 6,000 yen -
Stay only 5,000 yen -
The rate for children
(elementary school student and under)
6,000 yen


  Credit Card  
check Welcome and Send off Please let us know your intention beforehand.
(Hakatajima I.C. Bus Stop and the port in Hakatajima)
check English  
check Group Tour for 30 guests
check Parking for 15 car
check Handicapped Person Please let us know your intention beforehand.
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Information    Minsyuku Uzushio

[Accommodation] for 30 guests
[Number of Rooms] 11
[Hotel Rate(with breakfast and dinner)] 10,000 yen -
[Location] From the JR Onomichi Sta., 50 min. by car
Check in 15:00 p.m. Check out 10:00 a.m.

Minsyuku Uzushio
- Minsyuku Uzushio -

1563-5 Arozuko, Hakata-cho, Imabari-shi, Ehime, Japan
TEL 0897-72-2700

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