Yoshinoso Yukawaya

Japanese-style Inn (Ryokan) in Yoshinoyama, Japan



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Yoshinoso Yukawaya

Enjoy Japanese cuisine special to this place.

In 2004, Mt. Yoshino was registered as a World Heritage Site. "Yoshinoso Yukawaya" has been running for 300 years as an inn for pilgrims of Kinpusen-ji Zao-do, the symbol of Mt. Yoshino. The building built with wood of Yoshino and renovated in 1996 blends in with its surroundings. The wooden signboard "Yukawa-ya" and flowers in a big vase at the entrance show the spirit of this inn.

The best feature of this inn is the meal. It is made of foodstuffs from mountains and vegetables of Yoshino instead of seafood. For example, Yoshino Goma-dofu (crushed sesame seeds boiled in water and chilled like a bean curd), roasted gingko nuts, seared deer, tempura of freeze-dried bean curd, steamed food with liquid arrowroot starch and so on. Instead of sliced raw fish, devil's tongue, arrowroot and Yuba are served. The meal of this inn has beautiful presentation and delicate and elegant flavor and shows the essence of Japanese cuisine which can be rarely tasted overseas. We also re-create and offer "Saigyo-nabe", a pot dish of seasonal vegetables and chicken in a salt-based soup with a rich flavor provided by Yoshino arrowroot. This is said to have been eaten by monk Saigyo about 800 years ago who loved cherry blossoms of Yoshino. Please put and taste them in a serving dish with ground-up white sesame seeds. It has a unique taste made by blending plain flavor and savory of sesame.

At Kinpusen-ji Zao-do, a morning religious service (starts from 6:30 am) is held through the year. The sound that Yamabushi (traveling monk) blows a conch shell and chants Hannya Shingyo (one of the Buddhist sutra) while beating a taiko drum fills the hall built with 68 raw woods and it is worth while seeing.

A cheerful master and a kind female manager will welcome you so warmly that your stay in Mt. Yoshino must be memorable.

*1. Kuzu(arrowroot) is a plant which is distributed throughout Japan. In Yoshino region, "Kuzuko"(arrowroot flour) has been produced from a starch which is extracted from swelled roots of Kuzu since old time. Heated and melted arrowroot becomes transparent or translucent when it sets. This has been used for making Japanese sweets like Kuzukiri or Kuzumochi and thickening meals for a long time.

*2. Yuba is a processed food made from soy beans. It is a food made by pulling up a thin film produced on a liquid surface of heated soy milk. This has been eaten as a vegetarian dish since old times.

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Yoshinoso Yukawaya

Yoshinoso Yukawaya

Room | Yoshinoso Yukawaya
This is the Japanese-style inn built with wood of Yoshino. All guest rooms are Japanese-style rooms. You can see a beautiful landscape of the mountains and hear songs of birds or insects in the rooms. Please have a relaxing time.
The meal is made of foodstuffs from mountains and vegetables of Yoshino instead of seafood. We offer a Kaiseki meal including Saigyo-nabe, a specialty of our inn and a seasonal one which is mainly made of arrowroot of Yoshino. We try to offer quality meals so that our guests can be satisfied with their stay in Mt. Yoshino.
Dinner | Yoshinoso Yukawaya


Lobby | Yoshinoso Yukawaya
This inn is located at the center of Mt. Yoshino and the closest inn to Kinpusen-ji Zao-do (National Treasure), the second largest wooden building in Japan which was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2004.


Standard Rate
(with breakfast and dinner included)
2 pers. / a room 3 pers. / a room 4 pers. / a room 5 pers. / a room
Japanese-style room weekday 16,000 yen 15,500 yen 15,000 yen 14,500 yen
before holiday 17,000 yen 16,500 yen 16,000 yen 15,500 yen
Large Japanese-style room weekday 15,000 yen 14,500 yen 14,000 yen 13,500 yen
before holiday 16,000 yen 15,500 yen 15,000 yen 14,500 yen
The rate for children
(elementary school student and under)
elementarry school student: 70 % of adult rate
Infant: 50 % of adult rate


check Credit Card JCB, VISA, MASTER, AMEX
check Welcome and Send off Please let us know your intention beforehand.(Kintetsu Yoshino Sta.)
*However, there services are not available in April, the cherry blossom season due to the traffic control.
check English  
check Group Tour for 60 guests
check Parking for 10 cars
  Handicapped Person Please let us know your intention beforehand.

Information    Yoshinoso Yukawaya

[Accommodation] for 70 guests
[Number of rooms] 13
[Hotel Rate(with breakfast and dinner)] 12,500 yen -
[Location] From the Kintetsu Yoshino sta., 10 min. by car
Check in 3:30 p.m. Check out 10:00 a.m.

Yoshinoso Yukawaya
- Yoshinoso Yukawaya -

440 Yoshinoyama, Yoshino-cho, Yoshino-gun, Nara-ken, Japan
TEL 0746-32-3004

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