Japanese-style Inn (Ryokan) in Mihonoseki, Japan



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Japanese folk craft shop in Miyajima


The inn rooted in Mihonoseki.

Mihonoseki flourished as a port town for awaiting a favorable tide for the ships which was moving by the rise and fall of the tides. There were wholesalers in the port which also served as an inn. Fukumakan is located along the approach to Miho shrine and has been operated for more than 300 years. A cobblestone road still exists which was laid as the main street of the past in the mountain side of this inn.

The seafood caught in the morning at Mihonoseki Port located in front of the inn is very fresh. The concept of Fukumakan is to offer fresh fish at an affordable price to the guests who come all the way to Mihonoseki. I think that you can be satisfied with the dishes made of selected seafood for the price.

There are sea and mountain side rooms, and the sea side rooms with good views can be stayed at a reasonable price. There is little traffic, and you can hear the peaceful sound of the fishing boat, "Pom Pom..." On a clear day, you can see the famous mountain, Mt. Daisen.

In Fukumakan, we have refurbished old private houses in Mihonoseki to a whole-house rented inn or open space. We make an effort to cherish Miho Shrine and the cityscape so that the guests can experience Japanese culture more.

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Room | Fukumakan
There are sea and mountain side rooms. The price varies depending on the view from the room. Please choose a room according to your budget and your wishes.
From spring to summer, we offer white squid, shellfish dishes such as abalone and turban shell. From autumn to winter, we offer sea bream and crab dishes. Please enjoy the local seasonal seafood including sun-dried fish.
Dinner | Fukumakan


Entrance | Fukumakan
There are two dining places. Basically, when dinner is served on the mountain-side room, the next morning breakfast is served at the table seat on the sea-side room so that you can enjoy the scenery of Mihonoseki as much as possible.


Services (per person) 2-3 pers. / a room 4 pers. / a room
with breakfast and dinner included
(mountain-side room)
Weekday 9,000 yen 8,000 yen
Before Holiday 10,000 yen 9,000 yen
with breakfast and dinner included
(sea-side room)
Weekday 11,000 yen 10,000 yen
Before Holiday 12,000 yen 11,000 yen
The rate for children 70% of the above rate


check Credit Card VISA, MASTER, DC, UC, NICOS, JCB
check Welcome and Send off 1,000 yen
Please let us know your intention beforehand.(JR Sakaiminato Sta.)
check English  
check Group Tour for 50 guests
check Parking for 15 cars
check Handicapped Person Please let us know your intention beforehand.

Information    Fukumakan

[Accommodation] for 50 guests
[Number of rooms] 11
[Hotel Rate(with breakfast and dinner)] 8,000 yen -
[Location] From the JR Sakaiminato Sta., 20 min. by car
Check in 3:00 p.m. Check out 10:00 a.m.

- Fukumakan -

586 Mihonoseki, Mihonoseki-cho, Matsue-shi, Shimane, Japan
TEL 0852-73-0011

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